People are a company's greatest assets but they can also become its largest financial risk.

At ITQ we have the competitive advantage of a combined history of delivering on our promises to clients time and again. This focus has become a sound business capability as we understand the essential requirements of any organisation - growth, increased productivity and ultimately a positive effect on the bottom line.

The outsourcing process allows a company to match its workforce with its workload, eliminating overstaffing during downturns in production or the economy.

Outsourcing is a cost effective solution for aspects such as recruitment fees, payroll costs, labour relations costs and CCMA awards. By transferring employment risk the company no longer needs to worry about the recruitment process, performance management, discipline enforcement or union meetings.

Our developers are trained on the latest technologies and platforms to ensure they can implement in any environment. Our project managers and team leaders have good communication skills ensuring a clear understanding of requirements and responsibilities between business and development and that the right solution is developed for our client.

Should the challenge be in the workflow arena, ITQ Business Solutions has skilled business process analysts who will enable a complete re-engineering undertaking to ensure the most efficient workflow solution.